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Other Publications

Listed here is a selection of my journal articles and book chapters in several categories of my research. Please consult my CV for a more complete list of my publications, research grants, and essays written for broader audiences. To stay up to date on my recent publications, consult my google scholar page.

Values in Science

Kevin C. Elliott, “A Taxonomy of Transparency in Science,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming.

Kevin C. Elliott, “Addressing Industry-Funded Research with Criteria for Objectivity,” Philosophy of Science 85 (2018 Proceedings): 857-868.

Kevin C. Elliott, Aaron M. McCright, Summer Allen, and Thomas Dietz, “Values in Environmental Research: Citizens’ Views of Scientists Who Acknowledge Values,” PLoS ONE 12(10) (2017): e0186049.

Kevin C. Elliott, “Standardized Study Designs, Value Judgments, and Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research,” Perspectives on Science 24 (2016): 529-551.

Kevin C. Elliott and David B. Resnik, “Science, Policy, and the Transparency of Values,” Environmental Health Perspectives 122 (2014): 647-650.

Kevin C. Elliott and Daniel J. McKaughan, “Non-Epistemic Values and the Multiple Goals of Science,” Philosophy of Science 81 (2014): 1-21.

Other Topics in Philosophy of Science

Kathryn Plaisance and Kevin C. Elliott, “A Framework for Analyzing Engaged Philosophy of Science,” Philosophy of Science, accepted.

Kevin C. Elliott and David B. Resnik, “Making Open Science Work for Science and Society,” Environmental Health Perspectives 127(7) (2019): 075002.

Kevin C. Elliott and Jon Rosenberg, “Philosophical Foundations for Citizen Science,” Citizen Science: Theory and Practice 4(1) (2019): 9.

Bennett Holman and Kevin C. Elliott, “The Promise and Perils of Industry-Funded Science,” Philosophy Compass 13 (2018): e12544.

Kevin C. Elliott, Kendra S. Cheruvelil, Georgina M. Montgomery, and Patricia A. Soranno, “Conceptions of Good Science in Our Data-Rich World,” BioScience 66 (2016): 880-889.

Research Ethics

David B. Resnik and Kevin C. Elliott, “Using Drones to Study Human Beings: Ethical and Regulatory Issues,” Science and Engineering Ethics 25 (2019): 707-718.

Isis H. Settles, Sheila T. Brassel, Georgina M. Montgomery, Kevin C. Elliott, Patricia A. Soranno, and Kendra S. Cheruvelil, “Missing the Mark: A New Form of Honorary Authorship Motivated by Desires for Inclusion,” Innovative Higher Education 43 (2018): 303-319.

David B. Resnik, Kevin C. Elliott, Patricia A. Soranno, and Elise Smith, “Data-Intensive Science and Research Integrity,” Accountability in Research 24 (2017): 344-358.

Kevin C. Elliott, Isis H. Settles, Sheila T. Brassel, Georgina M. Montgomery, Kendra S. Cheruvelil, and Patricia A. Soranno, “Honorary Authorship Practices in Environmental Science Teams: Structural and Cultural Factors and Solutions,” Accountability in Research 24 (2017): 80-98.

David B. Resnik, Kevin C. Elliott, and Aubrey Miller, “A Framework for Addressing Ethical Issues in Citizen Science,” Environmental Science and Policy 54 (2015): 475-481

Environmental Ethics

Kevin C. Elliott, Robert A. Montgomery, David B. Resnik, Tutilo Mudumba, Justin Booth, and Kyle Powys Whyte, “Drone Use for Environmental Research,” IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Magazine (March 2019): 106-111.

Kevin C. Elliott, “The Ethics of Environmental Pollution,” in S. Gardiner and A. Thompson (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Ethics (New York: Oxford University Press, 2017), p. 369-379.

Kevin C. Elliott, “Anthropocentric Indirect Arguments for Environmental Protection,” Ethics, Policy, & Environment 17 (2014): 243-260.

Katherine Robinson and Kevin C. Elliott, “Environmental Aesthetics and Public Environmental Philosophy,” Ethics, Policy, & Environment 14 (2011): 175-191.

Kevin C. Elliott, “Geoengineering and the Precautionary Principle,” International Journal of Applied Philosophy 24 (2010): 237-253.

Kevin C. Elliott, “The Ethical Significance of Language in the Environmental Sciences: Case Studies from Pollution Research,” Ethics, Place, & Environment 12 (2009): 157-173.

Interdisciplinary Projects

Steven Gray, Charlie Booher, Kevin C. Elliott, Daniel Kramer, John Waller, Joshua Millspaugh, Bernard Kissui, and Robert Montgomery, “Research-Implementation Gap Limits the Actionability of Human-Carnivore Conflict Studies in East Africa,” Animal Conservation 23 (2020): 7-17. DOI: 10.1111/acv.12520.

Gary L. Ginsberg, Kristi Pullen Fedinick, Gina M. Solomon, Kevin C. Elliott, John J. Vandenberg, Stan Barone, and John R. Bucher, “New Toxicology Tools and the Emerging Paradigm Shift in Environmental Decision- Making,” Environmental Health Perspectives 127(12) (2019): 125002.

Isis H. Settles, Sheila T. Brassel, Patricia A. Soranno, Kendra S. Cheruvelil, Georgina M. Montgomery, and Kevin C. Elliott, “Team Climate Mediates the Effect of Diversity on Environmental Science Team Satisfaction and Data Sharing,” PLoS ONE 14(7) (2019): e0219196.

Autumn Poisson, Ian McCullough, Patricia A. Soranno, Kendra Spence Cheruvelil, Kevin C. Elliott, and Jo Latimore, “Quantifying Contributions of Citizen Monitoring to Broad-scale Ecological Databases,” Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (2019). DOI: 10.1002/fee.2128.

John Besley, Nagwan Zahry, Aaron McCright, Kevin C. Elliott, Joseph Martin, and Norbert Kaminski, “Conflict of Interest Mitigation Procedures May Have Little Influence on the Perceived Procedural Fairness of Risk-Related Research,” Risk Analysis 39 (2019): 571-585.

John C. Besley, Aaron M. McCright, Nagwan Zahry, Kevin C. Elliott, Norbert E. Kaminski, Joseph D. Martin, “Perceived Conflict of Interest in Health Science Partnerships,” PLoS ONE 12(4) (2017): e0175643.